Re: NM and ipw3945 once again

On Tuesday 13 March 2007, wopozka gazeta pl said:
> Hi,
> Not so long time ago there was a thread about networkmanager and
> ipw3945. I
> had similar problem and therefore I decide to write.
> I have router with wpa psk. When I us wpa_supplicant it connects
> and I can
> without any problem use network. When I use networkmanager (with
> knetworkmanager applet) it keeps asking for the passphrase all the
> time (only
> in few cases it managed to connect to the network). I searched for
> the reason
> and below is what I discovered.
> I was monitoring wpa_supplicant using wpa_cli. I have found, that
> when it
> connects to my network, it first get disconets, then get timeout

Right, the driver sends a disconnect, which makes NetworkManager think a 
problem happened, which makes knetworkmanager prompt again.  I also have this 
bug with the ipw3945 in my thinkpad.  I'd adapt knetworkmanager if there was 
something I could do about this, but if I understand the situation correctly 
we either need the driver fixing or some special casing in NM so that it 
ignores this disconnect - is that right?


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