Re: Feature request: restarting NM from nm-applet

On 3/12/07, Radek Vokál <radekvokal gmail com> wrote:
I have issues with nm-applet and probably dbus, which doesn't recognize
my USB Cable modem. So every time I plug in the USB modem I have to
restart NetworkManager by hand. Same with my wireless card which has the
switch off/on button. So I would like to see a restart option (or rather
rescan option) in nm-applet which will look for recently added/removed NICs.


I see your point but I think this is really an issue with the driver
not informing HAL of it's state or HAL not telling d-bus (I am not
100% certain of how NM gets the device information).    If driver
functions properly there should be no need for restarting
Network-Manager.  What type of card is this?

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