Re: Is there going to be a release of network-manager-applet for GNOME 2.18?

Dan Williams wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-03-06 at 00:39 +0100, Michael Biebl wrote:
>> I don't recommend to split the small nm-vpn-properties utility into a
>> separate svn tree and tarball but simply move it from network-manager to
>> network-manager-applet before 0.6.5 is released.
> That's a good point I guess.  The main reason stuff like this didn't
> happen was because there wasn't a great need at the time, and there
> wasn't a lot of time to make it happen.  But that's not really an
> excuse.
> What would your proposed directory structure look like after moving the
> properties app over?

Hi Dan,

sorry for the late reply.

Please see the attached patches against NetworkManager-0.6 and

The first one removes all traces of Gnome dependencies from
NetworkManager, which is a good thing imho.

The second patch moves the nm-vpn-properties files (together with the
needed changes for, po/ etc.) to

Both packages still pass make distcheck and with a bit of luck also
apply against the NetworkManager and network-manager-applet trunk.

The only issue now is with nm-vpn-ui-interface.h, which is now in
network-manager-applet. So if you want to build the vpn plugins with
Gnome support, you have to install network-manager-gnome to get the
header. But in a way, this also makes sense and is consistent.

I really hope you consider this patches.


[patches are bzipped to not exceed the m-l limit]
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