Re: Broken Reply Function

Yaakov Nemoy wrote:
Hi list,

Is it just me, or is the reply function 'broken' in this list?

Yes, it's deliberate. By virtue of a deliberate misunderstanding and grotesque Luddism many years ago by a small coterie of individuals, it was decided that it was better to recommend that users use the one or two (now obscure) mailers which distinguish reply-to-list from reply-to-individual, than to try to understand the problem. A true tale of political correctness run wild among people who will never know better.

Namely, I click reply, and the To field is set as the sender, and not
the mailing list.  Maybe I'm not as versed in these elite programs
that can automagically figure out who to send the reply to, but seeing
how I'm using Gmail, which should fill up some level of a quota for
uberness,  which certainly doesn't have a 'reply to mailing list'
function, it still seems a little odd.

The politically correct line is that you should not use a broken mail program (defined as one which cannot distinguish reply-to-individual from reply-to-list). While I have great sympathy with this view (people who use broken mail programs cause an enormous amount of trouble for me and others without knowing it), the ruling on munging reply-to is based on flawed logic and a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of mailing lists.

But it's too late to fix it, and it will not change. You just have to get used to it, or change your mailer, I'm afraid.


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