Re: Ad-hoc Networks

On Tue, 2007-07-03 at 00:19 -0300, Tiago Azevedo wrote:
> Hi,
>      i'm running Ubuntu 7.04 on my notebook and I have a desktop too,
> but it runs windows. I want to config them into an ad-hoc network. At
> Desktop the configuration is simple. But when i config the notebook,
> the networkmanager did't recognize that ad-hoc network. I need to open
> the console and execute the command "iwconfig eth1 mode Ad-Hoc". 
> I'd like to know if this is a NM problem or there's another way to
> config a ad-hoc network.

NM should find the adhoc network, though you might have to wait a minute
or so for it to rescan.  Once you've set up the adhoc network on your
Windows desktop, you should be able to connect to it from NM.  However,
I'm not sure NM adds the default route in auto-ip situations, which may
be a bug.


> Thanks...
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> Tiago Souza Azevedo
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