Re: Why I can't use NM (but want to)

On 26/02/07, Simon Geard <delgarde ihug co nz> wrote:

This part is most likely due to the madwifi drivers, which don't report
signal strength the same way as most other drivers.

How so? Do you mean reporting the strength out of ninty-four? 

I've got the same
problem - NM is currently reporting 15%, even though I'm only 5 or 6
metres from the access point.

That sort of thing happens to me too, though not wuite as badly. I'm no more than a metre and a half away and I'm at forty odd

Oddly, I've got several much more distant
access points with > 100% signal reported, which seems more than a
little dubious.

Yes! Often at my college, this happens. The dawson (that's its name) essid will briefly jump to 130% and then drop to 5% in no more than half a minute. 

Anyway, I occasionally have problems with it continuously losing the
connection, but things mostly work fine despite the supposedly poor

Tell me, since we seem to be experiencing the same phenomena, what is your setup? I have a Toshiba A70 lappy with atheros AR5212
wireless card inside. 

Fiddling with the antenna sometimes helps, not sure why, since
it makes little difference to reported signal...

I take it, then, that your set up is a destop.

Why is it, though, that I won't get kicked off and stay off with out NM? WIth NM, if I get kicked off, its happiness all round to be reconnected.

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