New OpenVPN interface

Attached are the patches to the openvpn gui I promised.  I think they
provide a simplistic default interface with the ability to expose the
numerous configuration options needed by the vpn clients.

Some Notes:

The patch against trunk includes my fixes to make import-export work
properly as well as the gui changes.

I read up on the details of the Direction flag for TLS-Auth, and
apparently it can be any of those options.  Most the how-to's show
Server as 0 and Client as 1 but really the client just has to be the
opposite of the server, or both could be none.  So for now I will leave
those radio buttons in the config.

The advanced dialog is modal and transient on the nm-vpn-properties
window.  I couldn't find a quick and easy way to figure out if it was
launched from a druid or editor window.


If people are generally happy with this approach then give a nod and I
will work on updating the other vpn clients to match.

Add other options to the vpn clients.  ( If people could bugzilla these
I would appreciate it ).



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