Re: [RFC] Mixed WLAN Environments

On Wed, 2007-02-14 at 16:30 +0100, Dominique Leuenberger wrote:
> Hi Everybody.
> This is my first post to the list, after following a bit the
> discussions. Please forgive if it's something that came already up in
> one or another way.
> I have the following situation (probably not to uncommon scenario for
> NM):
> Notebook, Wireless Access
> while in the company, I need to have set Static IP Address, as Company
> does not provide DHCP Services.
> When going out to any hotspot area, I need to receive an IP address per
> At this time, all I can do is configure the network for the exceptional
> case by hand, as NM does not ask me wether to use DHCP nor does it give
> me an option to enter an IP-Address for the case I need a fixed one.
> Is there something planned in this direction? I know, the GUI design
> has to be kept as easy as anyhow possible, not asking things people
> don't use and I also read about the 'no profile' thing on the web page.
> But is this 'put in stone' or is there room for discussions?

0.7 (next major version) will have a much more flexible configuration
system that will allow easier selection of both of these cases.


> Thanks,
> Dominique
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