[RFC] Mixed WLAN Environments

Hi Everybody.

This is my first post to the list, after following a bit the
discussions. Please forgive if it's something that came already up in
one or another way.

I have the following situation (probably not to uncommon scenario for

Notebook, Wireless Access
while in the company, I need to have set Static IP Address, as Company
does not provide DHCP Services.
When going out to any hotspot area, I need to receive an IP address per

At this time, all I can do is configure the network for the exceptional
case by hand, as NM does not ask me wether to use DHCP nor does it give
me an option to enter an IP-Address for the case I need a fixed one.

Is there something planned in this direction? I know, the GUI design
has to be kept as easy as anyhow possible, not asking things people
don't use and I also read about the 'no profile' thing on the web page.
But is this 'put in stone' or is there room for discussions?


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