Re: networkmanager fails to associate (ipw3945)

Dan Williams wrote:
Right; there are cases that I don't understand where the association
results between NM and wpa_supplicant are different.  We need to find
out why.  It could be that NM is not passing the right options to
wpa_supplicant, or that there are bugs in either NM or wpa_supplicant.
We need to find out where the difference is.

So in conclusion, maybe we remove the " || nm_device_is_activating
(dev)" from supplicant_status_cb() and just ignore the link timeout
while activating.  But the real question is, _why_ would the auth/assoc
take > 20 seconds, and _why_ is the driver sending disconnect events
during the attempt, especially if the association doesn't complete
within the 20s timeout?  What _really_ needs to be fixed here, the
driver or NM?

the interessting thing is that everything but nm can connect to the app (wpa_supplicant,windows and even the wii) It might be a driver bug I am currently using ipw3945 maybe I will try again this weekend with iwlwifi (if I get it to build) and report.

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