Re: phase2 authentication method

Volker Braun wrote:
You need NM 0.6.5. Its not out yet but you can help test it:

Hmm, so far so good, got it to compile. I had to upgrade
to wireless_tools.29.pre10 and install a whole load of
GNOME dev libraries which all took a while, but now it's
there, and without any problem compiling it.
Do you happen to know if the wireless-tools will work
with Ubuntu's current kernel (2.6.17 IIRC)?

Additionally I see that the make install wants to install
an /etc/init.d/NetworkManager script. In Ubuntu somehow
/etc/init.d/dbus takes care of starting up NetworkManager
and I haven't quite figured out how this all works, but I'll
post some more progress on the list when I get to it.

Fred Leeflang

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