phase2 authentication method


I've installed network-manager-0.6.3 on Ubuntu. It all seems to be working
rather well, but now I'm setting up my network a bit more complicated (using

When I choose WPA Enterprise/TTLS I can see the AP I'm trying to connect to
send stuff to my Radiator server. The only problem is that I need to have network
manager to use phase2="auth=PAP" for my situation and there doesn't appear
to be a way to tell network manager this from the popup for the network key, so as a consequence it tries another phase2 method (I don't know which, but Radiator
says it won't allow it)

So the short question is if there's any way to make network-manager use an alternative phase2 method. I've tried this by using wpa_supplicant from the command line and
this works properly.

Fred Leeflang

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