Re: Request to have the keyring password request dialog brought to the front

On Fri, 2007-02-09 at 08:39 -0500, Miles Lane wrote:
> Hello,
> I find that usually when I boot, the keyring request dialog pops up
> before the other program windows displayed by Gnome session
> management.  This is sometimes a problem when I get busy running other
> programs and then try select a AP to connect to.  The problem is that
> since the keyring dialog is hidden beneath other windows, I don't
> realize that it is there.  Thus, I select an encrypted AP and think I
> have already unlocked the keyring.  Then I am mystified when nm-applet
> doesn't show any attempt to connect.  Finally, I might notice the
> keyring dialog listed in my Window List applet. 
> So, my request is that any attempt to select an encrypted connect
> result in the raising the keyring password dialog to the top of the
> desktop window stack.
> What do you think?

The dialog should be brought to the front, it's a bug that it's not.
What's unclear is exactly why it's not being brought to the front.  The
dialog should _not_ be model; but at the same time we want to suppress
focus-stealing-prevention, which puts the dialog behind whatever window
you're typing into.  Focus-stealing-prevention may be a factor in your
problem here.


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