Re: Additional DNS, e.g. OpenDNS

On Thu, 2007-02-08 at 09:07 +0000, Jack Wasey wrote:
> I have just discovered the OpenDNS service, and want NM to pre-pend
> their two DNS server IP addresses to my DHCP-derived list. I am using
> Ubuntu Feisty, NetworkManager 0.6.4 (0.6.4-6ubuntu2).
> There appears to be no (working) way via GUI or CLI to do this. By
> adding DNS entries to my general network settings (presumably this just
> temporarily changes resolv.conf), they get borked on NM restart, even if
> I save a network "location". This doesn't seem like a very unlikely or
> difficult thing to do...

You may be able to do this through dhclient options.


> Am I doing something wrong, or isn't it supported?
> Thanks,
> Jack
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