version 0.7 schedule?

Apologies for general query first of all.

For many users, such as myself, a static IP address in a network is crucial, and currently the most widely used solution in Linux to wireless networking is this project - networkmanager.

It's essential that this release is made as soon as is ready. Unlike some Open Source projects, networkmanager doesn't seem to have a pre-arranged timescale, more of "we'll release it when it's ready".

Three questions:
1. Any rough guide as to release date?
2. Is this release significant enough to synchronize with distro releases, or will it slide into current versions of the various distro's? (e.g. will we have to wait until Hardy (ubuntu) to use version 0.7?)
3. Is the current version sitting in the SVN stable enough to use instead of v 0.6.5 , in the following sort of environment: single network interface on workstation, wireless USB using firmware in kernel. The static IP would be beneficial, but wireless stability is more important.

Regards ! (and apologies for skipping the web forums)

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