Dan Williams wrote:
On Tue, 2007-12-04 at 15:03 -0600, Casey Harkins wrote:
I understand that the VPN API is currently in flux, but am looking for any documentation on the current API or the direction the API is going. (Or is this all just locked up in someone's head).

NetworkManager-openvpn on Fedora 8 is broken. I'm happy to try to whip it into shape, but have no familiarity with how all of the NetworkManager pieces fit together, especially how NetworkManager calls out to the VPN plugins.

Are either the vpnc or pptp plugins being kept up to date with API changes? If so, at least I have known working code to work from.

vpnc is; and upstream openvpn has already been fixed up to conform to
the new API bits.  Nobody's been around to test it yet.  What we
probably should do is to build what's upstream for Fedora, push it out
(it can't possibly be _less_ broken than whats in F8 already) and wait
for the bug reports.

Still the F-8 vpnc has a number of protocol-related issues, such as login failures not being reported. It throws a D-bus "failure" signal that nobody catches (which seems redundant with the state_change signals). Or the "lock" icon sometimes not showing up when it's supposed to be. I was looking into that code recently, but didn't really know how the pieces were meant to fit together. Any guidance would be helpful, so I can work on a patch.

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