On Tue, 2007-12-04 at 16:10 -0600, Casey Harkins wrote:
> Dan Williams wrote:
> > On Tue, 2007-12-04 at 15:03 -0600, Casey Harkins wrote:
> >> I understand that the VPN API is currently in flux, but am looking for 
> >> any documentation on the current API or the direction the API is going. 
> >> (Or is this all just locked up in someone's head).
> >>
> >> NetworkManager-openvpn on Fedora 8 is broken. I'm happy to try to whip 
> >> it into shape, but have no familiarity with how all of the 
> >> NetworkManager pieces fit together, especially how NetworkManager calls 
> >> out to the VPN plugins.
> >>
> >> Are either the vpnc or pptp plugins being kept up to date with API 
> >> changes? If so, at least I have known working code to work from.
> > 
> > vpnc is; and upstream openvpn has already been fixed up to conform to
> > the new API bits.  Nobody's been around to test it yet.  What we
> > probably should do is to build what's upstream for Fedora, push it out
> > (it can't possibly be _less_ broken than whats in F8 already) and wait
> > for the bug reports.
> > 
> Thanks. I'll build from svn and give it a whirl. Just glancing at svn I 
> see there is still a big bug in properties/nm-openvpn.c. I'll submit a 
> patch against svn and hopefully be able to get things working.

Sounds great.  I can at least use it for creating connections and
starting them; but as I don't have access to an openvpn server anywhere
I can't actually test connections.


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