Will the next version of NetworkManager be able to deal with changing nfs systems?

Hello, folks. 

I'm new to this list and can't find the answer in the archives, and search 
does not appear to work.

I have a laptop running the SuSe 10.2 KDE desktop and  I can't use 
KnetworkManager and NetworkManager to handle my network connections because 
NetworkManager doesn't seem able to handle changing nfs networks. This means 
I'm forced to use ifup with scmp to change my profiles as I move around, and 
I'd much prefer NetworkManager.

Will the next release deal with this? Do we know when? What can we do to 
encourage it?

Thanks, Bob
Bob Smits Ph 250-245-2553 Fax 250-245-5531 E-mail bob rsmits ca

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