Re: Card not showing up

On Tue, Aug 14, 2007 at 12:02:32PM -0400, Dan Williams wrote:
> This looks like an airo issue, the card is simply not responding to
> commands.  Can you grab another airo card (pcmcia or minipci) and try
> with that?  What kernel version?  I've got both Airo variants and
> haven't had problems recently, but I haven't tested in the past few
> months.

The laptop has 2.6.20  (-16-ubuntu).

I have a prism based card around I can try, I think.  That's the only
Airo card.

What's odd is the machine is only about a month old.  And when I first
got it it would only sometimes associate with my AP which didn't
broadcast ssid.  I plugged in the Airo card and then both cards showed
up in the nm-applet.[1]

So when it didn't show up a few days ago I was wondering why.  Maybe
an apt-get update updated a package, I'm not sure.

> You _really_ want to update your Airo firmware to something 5.30.17 or
> greater too, firmware that old is actually bad news.  Unfortunately,
> that requires popping the card in a Windows box.

I think I have a machine that has Windows 3.1 in the basement

[1] Turned out that there's a problem getting that card to associate if
ssid isn't broadcast.
and some faq on that I can't find right now...

Bill Moseley
moseley hank org

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