Re: Some comments/questions about 0.7 [was: status of 0.7]

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Michael Biebl wrote:
> Dan Williams schrieb:
>> On Tue, 2007-08-14 at 01:19 +0200, Michael Biebl wrote:
>>> 2.) dep on dhclient with extended options:
>>> dhcdbd is dead, NM now controls dhclient directly, where it passes the
>>> -x flag to dhclient. This is a Fedora specific patch to support that
>>> that option.
>>> My question now is, if NM can also work with a vanilla dhcp3-client or
>>> if this patch is mandatory. How do other distros than Fedora handle
>>> this, do they all have this patch against dhcp3?
>> I'm somewhat fuzzy on the details, and the patch doesn't spell out
>> exactly what env vars are added to the environment.  But at a minimum,
>> NM needs to know the DHCP client state, the DHCP client PID (not the PID
>> of the script, but of the actual client), the dhcp client options, and
>> the interface for which the event occurred.  
>> If the normal dhcp3-client can provide those, great, we can drop the req
>> on -x.  But I'm not sure it actually does.
>> Currently, anyone who uses NM patches dhcp and adds the hunk
>> to /sbin/dhclient-script (or whatever the script is that their distro
>> uses).  Upstream has kindly renounced use of the "-x" option which they
>> recently tried to use.
>> Also, if anyone wants to add compile-time (or CLI switch) support for
>> other DHCP clients I'm quite open to that.  The same format should more
>> or less work for other clients as long as they can deliver the
>> information in the same manner, as a D-Bus signal containing a dict of
>> String->Variant/Byte Array elements, containing the options.  If other
>> clients don't use the same state values, I'm open to changing those to
>> something more generally applicable.
> Thanks for the info.
> In Debian we used to patch dhcdbd (include/dhcdbd.h) and set
> and it seemed to work fine so far.
> I'll investigate if the same can be done for NM 0.7 . Otherwise i'll try
> to convince the dhcp3 maintainer in Debian to include
> dhcp-3.0.5-extended-new-option-info.patch from the fedora package.

Considering the DHCLIENT_EXTENDED_OPTION_ENVIRONMENT 0 here in Gentoo,
but when speaking with Roy (Gentoo's maintainer of dhcp) he suggested
changing the option from -x to -X

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