Re: A problem compiling NetworkManager. - solved

Well the installation of the NetworkManager version with LEAP support from the CVS
has some gotchas in FC5 which I want to share in case there are others
as comnfused as i was.

1. intltool >= .35 must be installed. That version is not in any FC5
repo I can find. But I obtained it from the web,
2. The error gtk+-2.0 not found means one neede to install gtk2 and
3. gconf-2.0 not ofund means GConf2 and GConf2-devel
4. libnl-1 not found means libnl and libnl-devel must be installed
5. gnome-keyring-1 not found meand gnome-keuring and gnome-keyring-devel
must be installed.
6. libpanelapplet not ofund means that gnome-panel-devel must be

For those who knew all this, more power to you.

In the end the LEAP worked so all was well.
Aaron Konstam <akonstam sbcglobal net>

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