Re: suspend, hibernation


Krzysztof Kaczmarski wrote:
> None of automatic solutions works for me :(

which of the solutions described there did you try?
Several people reported the one outlined by me worked for them.
Note that, I had to add my wlan driver (ipw2200) to the modules whitelist to get
it working.

> I have to do a manual restart or "enable networking" in nm-applet.

Please try to send the dbus signals manually before suspend and after resume.
Afterwards experiment with different priorities in /etc/resume.d and /etc/suspend.d

> Can somebody, explain me, why a manual restart via
> sudo killall NetworkManager; sudo /etc/init.d/NetworkManager start

sudo works ONLY interactively and NOT from scripts.

> does not work when put in the /etc/resume.d/ script
> (in case when the right script does not work)?


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