Re: NM7 - estimated release date?

On Mon, 2006-10-30 at 09:50 -0600, Shane Par-Due wrote:
> thanks for that info. is it true that there are ways to get nm to see
> static ip setups? i've heard that telling your distro to see static
> ips will make nm use that ip also, but that doesn't seem to work too
> well with the way i've gone about it in ubuntu. is it possible? 

Depends on whether the "debian" backend supports static IP setup with
NM.  The backend appears to support that.  But ubuntu has added on some
custom hacks that may affect this functionality, specifically blocking
devices you have already configured with your system administration
tools from being seen by NM.  This may be the problem, and you'll need
to take that up with the Ubuntu maintainer of the NM package since
that's an Ubuntu-specific patch and not part of NM.


> On 10/30/06, Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> wrote:
>         On Mon, 2006-10-30 at 06:59 -0600, Shane Par-Due wrote:
>         > I've heard that NM7 will have a little more support for
>         static IP
>         > addresses and I was wondering when this release was slated
>         for? A
>         > rough estimate would suffice. Thank you! 
>         "End of the year", possibly a bit later depending on how all
>         the bits
>         (including PolicyKit) come together.
>         Dan
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