Re: connecting to a WPA secured wireless network often fails and takes a very long time

Hello again. I still couldn't solved my problem which we discussed here more than one month ago. I think I should let you remember it first: My NM 0.6.2 was taking a very long time to connect to my WPA secured network and it was often failing.  My wireless card is ipw3945 and I'm using Ubuntu 6.06.

I got tired from this error and tried to compile NM 0.6.4 and compilation was successful. I began using NM 0.6.4, however it doesn't connect to my WPA network now at all. It can connect to my neighbour's unsecured network, and my wired network, but not to my WPA network. Something odd happens I think. Maybe you'd like to see the log at /var/log/syslog which is attached.

Thank you.


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