Re: Unsupported Authenication Modes


On Fri, 2006-11-03 at 12:45, Charles Whittington wrote:
>     phase1="peapver=0"
>     phase2="auth=MSCHAPV2"
>     eapol_flags=3

These config options are not yet supported in nm. I'm working on a
subset of it. See my mails about EAP/TTLS for more details.

> Apart from the typo (I think it should be WPA-EAP not WPA_EAP), this 
> looks as if it requires two-phase
> authentication which, from reading all the stuff I can find here and in 
> ubuntu etc, looks as if it may not be supported by NM.
> 1. Am I correct in concluding that this mode of wpa-supplicant is not 
> supported by NM?

Right. The framework is already there, but we don't have the GUI bits
to ask for the information and transfer them to wpa_supplicant.

> 2. Am I correct in concluding that manual configuration of 
> wpa-supplicant.conf is ignored by NM?


> 3. If so, is it possible to use NM in conjunction with an ifup/down 
> script fired from a suitable applet?

What do you mean here? Same as in question 4?

> 4. Would it be a good idea/possible to have an option in NM to use a 
> custom script for this type of situation?

You mean starting a script to use another wpa_supplicant with config
fired up from the ifup/ifdown scripts integrated in

I never tried this. Not sure what happen if two version of
wpa_supplicant are running. The one form nm and the one from your
custom script.

Stefan Schmidt

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