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Darren Albers wrote:
On 5/11/06, Gene Heskett <gene heskett verizon net> wrote:
And I repeat, here, running kde, all it does is tear down the network
and hang.  You can stop it, kill it, do anything you want, but the only
way to restore network function through ANY port, ethernet or wireless,
is a full, powerdown reset. A normal reboot will not do it.  Tested many

That seems odd, it might be an issue between NDISWrapper and NM but I
doubt it.    If you remove Network Manager does the problem go away?
Is this a Broadcom chipset card?

I haven't 'removed' it, I'm just not starting it. chkconfig network off, followed by a chkconfig NetworkManager on (in case it works) then doing a service network stop, followed by a service NetworkManager start, mutters along for about 5 or 6 seconds bringing up eth0 and then stopping it, and then gets quiet. And the networking is deader than dead. A service NetworkManager stop seems to hang, although it may report that its shutting down wlan0 sometimes, and a ps -ea says its still running, get htop to kill both processes it starts, but it leaves something behind that prevents a service network start from restoring the net. Only a full powerdown reset will restore connectivity.
Thats as far as I've ever gotten with it.  No docs, no manpages or real
help has been offered, usually the reply is that 'it works for me'.
Here its well and trueky busted so why should I take a chance of its
trashing my hd or whatever else it might want to do next?

If that is the way you feel then continue using whatever tools you
prefer to manager your wireless networks and wait until NM is more
stable.  Network Manager is not required you can use whatever the
tools kde provides.  However I am willing to help you try
KNetworkManager if you want to experiment.

Whats the svn verses to acquire the srcs, and does anyone have a .spec file that could be used to generate an rpm via the rpmbuild -bb or similar procedure that would result in an installable/uninstallable package?

Before you read the below let me make this clear:  I have never used
an RPM based Distro like Fedora or SUSE so what I tell you could be
completely wrong.

I think you are running into a Distro issue and not a Network Manager
issue, I did a quick google search and I don't see any Fedora RPM's
for KNetworkManager (I found some for SUSE).  I suspect the reason for
this is that KNetworkManager was not ready for FC5's release and not
any deliberate snub on the part of the Fedora team.

So I wonder if it will be part of a later kde release, or will it be ignored until FC6?

However since you are not running Gnome nm-applet should not even be
starting so you should be able to just install KNetworkManager and be
good to go.
Stefan posted a link to KNetworkManager this list earlier so you can
use svn to checkout the latest snapshot.

I don't believe I have that message, for about 3 days I was offline traveling, and the home machine was sucking the mailbox dry during that time, and then my logrotate script restarted fetchmail over the weekend and I lost another several hundred messages. They'll be on the home machine when I get home and restart it, but thats about 1000 miles south east of here. After the fetchmail restart, I just had the missus do a gracefull shutdown on the main box, and just drop the power switch on the firewall. And she noted tonight that all the evening lighting automation the main box was taking care of wasn't working. I said thats collateral damage :)

Assuming you have svn installed you can grab it with:
svn co svn://

(wd now: /usr/src)
[root diablo src]#
[root diablo src]# svn co svn:// svn: No repository found in 'svn://'

Assuming you have all the required libraries you then do the standard
make install

And that starts the long road to an unmaintainable system like I have at home, where it took me a year to actually get everything I needed working right. So the system works great, but not even yum in that early version will touch it, too many broken dependencies. I'd druther not start down that road just yet with this new lappy.
all options.  I'm not convinced this interface does yet.  And darned
little of this is ever going to get tested as long as its hidden in an
svn repo someplace I don't have the address of.

This is not an issue of the Network Manager Dev's this is an issue
with your distro maintainers.  Maybe someone here who runs Fedora can
point you towards a testing repository that has it?

This is the standard mantra on this list, its *never* NM fault. That gets old.
If you look at Ubuntu you will find a large number of Kubuntu users
happily using Network Manager under KDE with no large issues so I feel
confident saying that KDE and NetworkManager can work great together.

And I may well put kubuntu on this box, but that will be after I can get at least this email corpus copied into someplace safe from a mke2fs.

There are some things I like about FC5, and I've been diehard redhat since 5.1, but the differences in attitudes has changed drasticly. There's a lot more of us now and I think, less of a help the other guy effort being put forth overall. Then we were nipping at Bills heels trying to get his attention. Now nearly a decade later we have his undivided attention and he's scared shitless. OTOH, maybe I'm expecting too much from a decade of progress, but I do feel good about the situation in Redmond. I give it another 10 years unless a major change in business practices takes place. Once we get rid of he shrubs, justice will probably pick right up where they left off, and then we get to watch the real fun...

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Cheers, Gene

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