Re: A comment on NetworkManager

Darren Albers wrote:
I am 99.9% certain that outside of the Network Manager Front-end (nm-applet) it is platform independent, for Gnome there is NM-Applet, for KDE there is
KNetworkManager (I think it is available from SVN).

The network-manager tarball comes with nm-applet but it should not be hard to build it without nm-applet. I can help work that out if you need help.

On 5/11/06, Gene Heskett <gene heskett verizon net> wrote:

IMO, a place like NM is a hell of a platform to conduct the gnome vs kde
wars from.  This is after all, linux, and something like NM should be
independent of the users gui choice.  It should be able to work from
before an init 3 login even.


NetworkManager-list mailing list
NetworkManager-list gnome org
From memory, and following Rosanna's instructions, in the middle of page 3:
NetworkNanagerInfo &
I don't believe its even found to run. At risk of needing to reboot before I can send this, I'll dbl check, yes:
[root diablo GNOME]# NetworkManagerInfo &
[1] 3901
bash: NetworkManagerInfo: command not found
[root diablo GNOME]#

And there is no such seperate package available according to yumex. Following on down the page, the next item: as far as I know, there is no kde equ to "gnome-session-save", so I didn't do that at all.

Also, NM itself seemed to have crashed as I've yet to see the network selection menu on the screen of this machine. It wouldn't respond to a service NetworkManager stop, and I wound up hitting the power button, and then having kyum install htop so I had a reliable way of killing stuff that needed killed. But, I'll repeat again, it tears down the network I have so badly only a full power down reset will restore it.

Thats as far as I've ever gotten with it. No docs, no manpages or real help has been offered, usually the reply is that 'it works for me'. Here its well and trueky busted so why should I take a chance of its trashing my hd or whatever else it might want to do next?

As far as sticking with WEXT, whatever that means as I've not seen that acronym till now, it seems to me that efforts to do workarounds should be in stuff like ndiswrapper/bcml5 yadda yadda, so I agree that there should be a standard interface IF that interface well and truely covers all options. I'm not convinced this interface does yet. And darned little of this is ever going to get tested as long as its hidden in an svn repo someplace I don't have the address of. Throw in that I haven't put in checkinstall and configured it for rpms yet, and I am determined to stay with an rpm based install this time and you can see a bit of my problem. You want testing and reports?, package it & make it available on a well know repo even if its alpha rated stuff. Then it will get tested.

Cheers, Gene

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