Re: A comment on NetworkManager

On 5/11/06, Robert G. Brown <rgb phy duke edu> wrote:
> Must admit I'm puzzled by these posts.. I've checked the %gconf.xml files for
> all the WEP networks I've connected to, and there's no key in any of them.
> Could you have left-overs from an old version?

rgb lilith|B:1045>dir
DUKE/         hpsetup/   LinkSys_CifTAN/  NETGEAR/  sposton/
Freedomlink/  Latimore/  mpp/             PASSYM/   tunl 32@wireless/
%gconf.xml    linksys/   NCM_Guest/       myessid/
rgb lilith|B:1046>cat myessid/%gconf.xml
<?xml version="1.0"?>
         <entry name="addresses" mtime="1127738223" type="list"
         <li type="string">
         <entry name="auth_method" mtime="1147352804" type="int"
         <entry name="key_type" mtime="1147352804" type="int" value="2">
         <entry name="key" mtime="1127738218" type="string">
                 <stringvalue>(IT WAS HERE)</stringvalue>
         <entry name="essid" mtime="1147352804" type="string">
         <entry name="timestamp" mtime="1147352804" type="int"
rgb lilith |B:1047>rpm -qv NetworkManager

I am running 0.6.2 and my %gconf.xml does not contain the key, my key is only in Gnome-Keyring.  This is for WPA, I do not have an access point using WEP to test with.

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