Re: A comment on NetworkManager

Robert G. Brown wrote:
This is a (smart) user choice, of course, but many users or new account
programs might create the tree 755 or whatever.  And besides, as long as
it is stored even 700 in cleartext, using a "decryption" step via the
keyring is just silly.  Either store it encrypted (only) or don't bother
encrypting it.  I'm inclined toward having the choice -- a userspace 700
DEFAULT security level on this part of the .gconf tree or at least all
files containing keys OR not storing the keys there at all and using
strict encryption.

Must admit I'm puzzled by these posts.. I've checked the %gconf.xml files for all the WEP networks I've connected to, and there's no key in any of them. Could you have left-overs from an old version?

That said, my private key password (for a WPA2 network) is stored in the .xml file rather than the keyring ;), but doubtless it'll be stored somewhere better in due course..


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