Re: What exactly are the aims of NM?

On Wednesday 29 March 2006 14:51, Alejandro Bonilla wrote:

> > I wonder if the aims and hopes of the NM developers
> > are documented anywhere?
> >
> > Is it hoped that it will work with all wireless devices
> > for which there is a Linux driver (including ndiswrapper)?
> I haven't seen much of the stuff behind the scenes on NM, but the adapters
> that support WE (Wireless Extensions) have worked for me good enough.
> Specially the IPW one's.

So it works for you, as I am sure it does for many others,
but it doesn't work for me (Fedora-5 with KDE).

My question - which you don't seem to have read -
was not whether it works for some people,
but if it is intended that it should work for everyone
who has a wireless device working under Linux.

> > I have an Orinoco classic Gold PCMCIA card
> > (in fact several of them,
> > including ones in USB and PCI adapters),
> > and I have never been able to get NM to work with them.
> Have you ever googled to see if anyone else has asked about this? Maybe
> there is people that have it working and it is only you.

I have asked exactly that question on this list,
and have not heard from anyone who has this fairly common card
working under NM.

> > Also is it intended that NM should work with KDE?
> I don't know much of the Linux thinking, but this is a gnome mailing list.

What exactly does that mean?
Are you saying that NetworkManager is not intended to run under KDE?
Or that it is, but if you are running KDE you should not write to this list?

> Never the less. google for KNetworkManager. I read something about it.

I don't think that is available under Fedora-5, which I am running.

> It is an incredible tool so far. 

I always amazes me when someone writes saying that
their ABC video adaptor does not work under some version of Linux,
and someone writes back to say that their XYZ adaptor is working fine,
as though that is some kind of answer to the query.

Timothy Murphy  
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tel: +353-86-2336090, +353-1-2842366
s-mail: School of Mathematics, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland

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