Is NetworkManager Single User only?

When using a wifi + a key, network manager won't connect to a network
until you login and unlock the gnome-keyring. Unless I'm mistaken this
means no networking until I login to the console, or someone logs in
else who knows the wifi key.

Doesn't this kill the multi-user ability of the system? The system
can't take any incoming connections, logins, or otherwise until
someone logs to the console.

What would NetworkManager do with a multiseat system with many people
logged into the console?

The solution would be if your running a multi-user system don't use
NetworkManger. This just leads to more Linux confusion. Say ubuntu
includes NetworkManager but fedora doesn't because its not multi-user
friendly. Now we have yet another thing that you can't say "Linux does
it like this".

Couldn't Network Manager be more like a front end to wpa_supplicant.
It seems there is a lot of duplicate to wpa_supplicant and network
manager and NetworkManager switches back and forth between using
wpa_supplicant and not.  Wouldn't it be easier extend and "Hallifiy"
wpa_supplicant and add a applet, then to duplicate a lot of
functionality and be switching back and forth from using
wpa_supplicant and not.

Just my two cents.

Eli Criffield

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