Re: no vpn plugin tarballs for 0.6

On 03/06/2006 02:41 PM, Robert Love wrote:
On Mon, 2006-03-06 at 14:30 -0500, Christopher Aillon wrote:

Why not create a new module? We don't need one for every VPN implementation, but I think NetworkManager-VPN would be an acceptable module. See e.g. epiphany-extensions, gnome-games-extra-data, etc.

On w.g.o, how do you manage tarballs that don't match the module name?
I don't think you can.

Right, you don't. My examples of epiphany-extensions and gnome-games-extra-data both split out the module and use a combined tarball for them.

So we can do this, but we'd have to put all of the VPN plugins in one

Yeah, that was my suggestion. It might be nice to do them separately, but I don't think that enough happens with the code to do that yet. Plus its important to make sure we keep them compiling if we ever change APIs, which is easier to do if they are in one tarball as opposed to many.

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