Re: Wireless silently disconnects?

On Wed, 2006-03-01 at 21:49 -0500, Brian Magnuson wrote:

> Confirmed.  The 2nd hunk doesn't appear to be needed.  Just the first diff
> wrapping the set_mode in an if() is needed.


Thanks for the good work.

> P.S. While I was trying out various things I got one of these.  After this I
> couldn't get NM to start managing any interface.   I tried restarting the dbus
> daemon but I eventually just gave up and did a full reboot.  Seems to be fine
> now.  *shrug*
> (nm-applet:1770): WARNING **: <WARNING>
> nma_dbus_net_properties_cb (): dbus returned an error.
> (org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.LimitsExceeded) The maximum number of pending
> replies per connection has been reached

Someone else reported this in our Bugzilla.

Do you see a lot of wireless networks?

Dan, any ideas?  The default pending replies is 32.  Pretty high.

	Robert Love

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