Re: Wireless silently disconnects?

On Wed, 2006-03-01 at 20:00 -0500, Brian Magnuson wrote:

> No, but it seemed pretty uncontroversial.  Could be less so by switching that
> check to != IW_MODE_INFRA.  I agree though that it's not obvious why this
> would be needed at all.

The real thing that bothers me is putting the set_frequency() inside of
the if statement.  Only setting the mode if it actually needs to be set
is one thing and makes sense (presumably it is expensive to set the mode
on some cards, so why do it if not needed).  Moving the set_frequency()
in there, however, means that cards are no longer going to have their
frequency "zeroed" out before each scan.  And that is an actual change
in behavior, whereas the set_mode() change is essentially a no-op.

Should that matter?  Not really.

But this is wireless drivers we are talking about.  Nothing is sensical.

So I am curious if this hunk of the patch is even requisite, or if
setting the driver is sufficient.  Partly my curiosity stems from the
fact that we do a set_mode() a few lines later ... and apparently that
is okay.

	Robert Love

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