Suggestion for static ip and Locations (configurations)

About the foolowing message:

Can I suggest about to how to have diferent static ip and or connection to a prefered wireless network?

I think if NetworkManager can show a menu to select a Location, then it can select the properly static IP for the actual location (Diferent Work places, or home)

Of course it apply to the Wireless connection, becouse you can instruct the NetworkManager to automaticaly detect a prefered network depended on your location again.

In that NetworkManager can handle a configuration options (may be as parts in a sigle file or one file for each configuration), and select the prefered configuration using a Name assiged by the user.

In the configuration, you can put the static IP or DHCP, the DNS or DHCP, the Search Domain or automatic and Proxy setting if any in that location; may be even the passwords for each network (saving the password may ussing the gnome-keyring).

Ubuntu has Location in the configuration tool, but it doesn't file the static IP if I select for example 'Work' or DHCP for 'Home', and of course it doesn't take care about the DNS, Domain Search and may be the proxy setting.

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