NM 0.6.3 drops wireless connections on a Dell Inspiron 8200


I run FC5 on a Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop, linux 2.6.17 with a Linksys
WPC11 v.4. I access a WEP-encrypted home network to a Linksys wireless

When I leave my laptop unattended for an (unspecified) while, NM drops
the wireless network connection to the router.  Using NetworkManagerInfo
to list the available wireless networks and re-selecting the home
network ESSID connects to the network again. Sometimes though I am
prompted to enter the WEP key (though the key is still remembered).
Closing the key entry dialog and re-selecting the home network ESSID
from NMI's menu again usually re-connects.

Any ideas why the network connection gets dropped?

I have never seen it happening while I am working at the computer and
suspect it might have to do with the laptop being idle.  I did not
observe this behaviour with versions 0.5.x of NM.


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