Setting access point MAC address?


I'm just having a heck of a time connecting to access points at OLS with
NetworkManager. It seems that many, many people are in the same position.

The network setup here is several WRT54G's running OpenWRT, all with the
ESSID "linux", no security.

What happens is that nm constantly hops between two access points,
making the connection effectively useless (especially since they have
different IP address ranges).

Yes, I know the setup is not ideal, but just using iwconfig with the
"ap" argument makes the connection reliable. There are also some magic
spots where one access point is stronger enough that it sticks to it.

Would it make sense for NetworkManager to lock to an access point? I
know the real problem is that we have the same ESSID without the
bridging you'd expect with that setup, but it's just not usable as it is.


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