Re: autoip config option?

Daniel Gryniewicz wrote:

On Wed, 2006-02-22 at 10:53 +0000, Ben Roberts wrote:
As said also in AP and cabled networks it can make sense. A reasonable
assumption is that we want AutoIP if there is no DHCP available. Marking
this clearly with an additional icon should be sufficient to track down
problems quickly.
I still don't think this is a reasonable assumption.  I suspect that
for the majority of users the failure to obtain an address by DHCP is
an indication that networking setup has failed and not an indication
that an autoip network should be set up. I also think that the various
icon modifications are likely to confuse. Icons seem to be most useful
when they give a visual indication of a concept the user already
understands; I seriously doubt if many users understand the conceptual
distinction between an autoip network and a DHCP network. I guess an
icon is useful to users who understand this distinction and to
technical support when other users ring up...

I would have to agree.  I have yet to see anyone ever use an autoIP
network under any circumstances (except for hacking other people's
laptops on the airplane).  When people want a network, they want to
connect *to* something, and if they don't get an IP, they can't connect
to their destination.
I disagree. I have used autoIP several times, and it is much more convenient for setting up an ad-hoc network then manually picking IPs for everyone. And with the addition of DNS service discovery, this becomes even more useful.

I do agree however that autoIP is not what people want most of the time, and there should be some way to tell the user that they are not connected to the internet, but rather just to a local network.

Jason Martens

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