Re: autoip config option?

On Wed, 2006-02-22 at 10:53 +0000, Ben Roberts wrote:
> > As said also in AP and cabled networks it can make sense. A reasonable
> > assumption is that we want AutoIP if there is no DHCP available. Marking
> > this clearly with an additional icon should be sufficient to track down
> > problems quickly.
> I still don't think this is a reasonable assumption.  I suspect that
> for the majority of users the failure to obtain an address by DHCP is
> an indication that networking setup has failed and not an indication
> that an autoip network should be set up. I also think that the various
> icon modifications are likely to confuse. Icons seem to be most useful
> when they give a visual indication of a concept the user already
> understands; I seriously doubt if many users understand the conceptual
> distinction between an autoip network and a DHCP network. I guess an
> icon is useful to users who understand this distinction and to
> technical support when other users ring up...

I would have to agree.  I have yet to see anyone ever use an autoIP
network under any circumstances (except for hacking other people's
laptops on the airplane).  When people want a network, they want to
connect *to* something, and if they don't get an IP, they can't connect
to their destination.


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