Re: Problems solved, well, almost

Dan Williams wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-02-07 at 20:14 -0500, Ryan Skadberg wrote:
>> Problem A:
>> I was seeing these dbus errors:
>> NetworkManager: <WARNING>        nm_dbus_get_network_data_cb ():
>> nm_dbus_get_network_data_cb(): dbus returned an error.
>>   (org.freedesktop.NetworkManagerInfo.InvalidArguments)
>> nmi_dbus_get_network_properties called with invalid arguments.
>> After playing around a bit, I realized these were being caused by all
>> the old APs in gconf.  Once I erased them in gconf's
>> system/networking/wireless directory, these errors went away.  May be
>> something to look in to, maybe we need to convert old APs?
> Ran into this issue the other day, it appears that earlier version
> didn't have the 'key_type' parameter, which we use to validate the
> entry.  I'm not entirely sure how to proceed here, but it's not that
> hard of a problem.
>> Problem B:
>> No connection to my AP.  :(  So, I tried doing a standard ifup and
>> then using NetworkManager and looked at the iwconfig output.  When I
>> did this, I saw this with ifup:
> What distribution?  Are you using NM from CVS?  What wpa_supplicant
> version are you using?  What card and driver again?  Is it still the
> 3-year-old Linksys you mentioned from the "Activation too long" thread?
> There's an error in wpa_supplicant right now (though I've patched it in
> Fedora Core rawhide) that prevents wpa_supplicant from setting the
> correct auth mode on cards & drivers that don't support ENCODEEXT and
> AUTH extensions.  This might be your problem.

Very interesting. I also had the problem, that I got this "Activation
took too long" messages, regardless how high I set the timeout.
I used the latest NM from CVS, the ipw2100 driver (kernel 2.6.16-rc2)
and wpa_supplicant-0.5.1. The wlan access point was a SMC 2804WBR. I
don't know exactly but I guess it is also something like three years
old. I couldn't get a connection with NM while running wpa_supplicant
directly it worked (although it sometimes takes very long >>1min).
With a newer access point NM works fine.
After reading your post I decided to apply this patch and test the old
access point again, and voila, it worked.
Dan, could this be a common problem of many older wlan access points?
And do you intend to send this patch for wpa_supplicant upstream?

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