NM associate, connect, drop loop with ipw2200 and AP_SCAN 1

Hi. My configuration is:

ipw2200 1.0.10 (from ipw2200.sf.net)
USR 9106 AP

Using WPA-PSK CCMP, the connection process seems to spin in a loop: it
scans and find the AP, associates and even acquires and IP address. Then
the signal meter in the applet drops to 0, it takes down the interface
(CTRL-EVENT-DISCONNECTED), and the process repeats. This only seems to
happen when there is another ESSID in range (one of my neighbour's ---
it's weak, but it's there).

Changing ap_scan in supplicant_send_network_config() to "AP_SCAN
2" (along with increasing the timeout from 20s to 120s) makes things


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Southampton High Energy Physics
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University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ
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