Re: Activation Too Long?

On Monday 06 February 2006 18:41, Antony J Mee wrote:
> Hi Ryan,
> I am also seeing the same thing, with my BCM4306 card and ndiswrapper,
> on a Gentoo box (without SELinux).
> The example here is trying to connect to an open network 'magpie'.
> I'm not even sure it should work with ndiswrapper (someone please
> confirm). Though it does appear that all the wpa_supplicant calls
> suceed. I'm going to try the bcm4xxx open source drivers too shortly.

I just got my ipw2200 with nm-cvs (modified from breakmygentoo) working 
and it's fantastic!. When logging in the first time into a WPA-secured 
WLAN, I choose Aotomatic mode in password dialog which showed the same 
output with timed out connection. Afterwards I tried TKIP and it works 
fine, just after a second.

Have you tried it already?


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