Re: Configuring a static ip

On Wednesday 01 February 2006 09:03, Aurélien Naldi wrote:
> Hi,
> sorry for the bad reply, I am not subscribed to the list...
> I would like to know if the support for the "old" config files
> includes allowing several interfaces to be up at the same time (for
> connection sharing and so on).
> I have a desktop computer that Iis always connected to two wired
> networks, I want it to auto-connect to an additionnal wifi network
> when available.
> I would like to use network-manager for the wifi network only. But
> currently it won't connect to more than one interface at once.

I don't think nm is made for such scenario, as it is not very common and 
kind of "advanced". Have a look at ifplugd and waproamd/wpa_supplicant 
for a solution.


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