Re: Configuring a static ip


sorry for the bad reply, I am not subscribed to the list...

I would like to know if the support for the "old" config files
includes allowing several interfaces to be up at the same time (for
connection sharing and so on).

I have a desktop computer that Iis always connected to two wired
networks, I want it to auto-connect to an additionnal wifi network
when available.

I would like to use network-manager for the wifi network only. But
currently it won't connect to more than one interface at once.

one of the wired interface is connected to a local network printer,
the other to a DSL-modem and the wired interface to another local
network which is sometime (most of the time) down. I want all of this
interfaces up for network sharing and I can't setup the network
otherwise the other computer's hardware refuse to see my wifi PCI

I'have been using a hacked-up version of the network manager in which
I tried to blindly remove interface desactivation, it kind of works
but I don't like it at all...

This is on a somewhat outdated ubuntu dapper, so this may be part of
the broken debian backend. Is this kind of border-line config
supported yet or is it planned to be supported in a later version ?

aurelien naldi

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