NetworkManager acts funny with "linksys" (default) APs'

NetworkManager always seems to have trouble connecting to an AP with an essid of "linksys". It's very strange and a little annoying. First problem: It will set the card to associate with "linksys" but fails to get an IP address and eventually gives up. I can go to a console and run "dhcpcd wlan0" and I will then get an IP right away. My internet connection will then work perfectly even though NM will still display as not connected in the system tray. On very rare occasions NM will successfully connect to a "linksys" named network.

Second problem: I am in a new area today and there is of course a new open "linksys" AP. NetworkManager this time reports the AP as locked with a security key. When I try to connect it will prompt me for a key, I hit cancel and of course NM gives up. I then can type the old "dhcpcd wlan0" in the console and get a working network connection. (I only found out about this by going into windows and being surprised to have it automatically connect to the linksys AP and find that it is in fact not locked with a key.
Strange things.  Any insight would be appreciated.

Other than those things I thank you guys for making linux that much more perfect for my laptop!

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