FC6 ipw2200 PEAP issues

I am trying to get FC6 on an IBM T42p with an Intel ipw2200 card working reliably with PEAP.  When I choose "Connect to Other Wireless Network" and input my choices (PEAP, TKIP, username, password), NM saves my information in Gconf (including my EAP password in plaintext!), but it stops at Stage 2 and fails.  If I click "Wired Network" and then click my SSID, it does not use the proper key_mgmt which I previously specified.  It sets key_mgmt to NONE.  If I click "Wired Network" and then click my SSID, it prompts me for the information again and authenticates properly.

If I reboot, I start from scratch.  My SSID is listed in nm-applet, but it still uses key_mgmt NONE instead of the proper settings.  I can cut-n-paste wrong and right snippets from /var/log/messages if that's interesting.  Why is nm-applet having such a hard time passing wpa_supplicant the right values when they're in GConf already?  It seems to vacilate between key_mgmt NONE and WPA-EAP.

Thanks for any help.


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