Re: A couple of minor issues

Alright, but wouldn't it be way smarter to just scan for wireless networks on unplugging the wired network? Then it would connect immediately and automatically to the preferred network without any user interaction.
This is something that probably needs to be changed in nm itself but not in the applet...

On 12/28/06, Timo Hoenig <thoenig suse de > wrote:

On Mon, 2006-12-25 at 10:11 -0500, Darren Albers wrote:
> On 12/24/06, Peter Roediger <p roediger web de > wrote:

> > 1) My laptop (like many other laptops i think) has a bright and, when not
> > connected, flashing LED for the ipw2200 which I turn off when I'm on the
> > wired network. When turning the ipw2200 on and unplugging the wired network
> > card, NM does not immediately connect to the wireless network. I takes up to
> > two minutes until I'm able to "see" the wireless networks around me in the
> > kde applet. And then, NM connects automatically to my preferred network.
> > During that time there seems to be no way to update the list, not even
> > manually. "iwlist eth1 scan" on a command shows all available networks
> > correctly.
> I am not certain about knetworkmanager but nm-applet (The gnome
> applet) initiates a scan everytime you show the wireless networks.   I
> think Timo monitors this list so maybe he can  answer if
> knetworkmanager does the same.

KNetworkManager tells NetworkManager that there is user interaction --
which in turn raises the scanning frequency -- whenever there is a mouse
enter event on the tray icon.


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