Re: A couple of minor issues

On 12/24/06, Peter Roediger <p roediger web de> wrote:
Hi all!

As I'm using a dhcp served network now, with both, wired and wireless LAN
available, i thought i should give the current stable version (0.6.4) of
network manager a try. I'm on a pretty customized debian unstable, with
2.6.19 kernel, an ipw2200 (driver version 1.2.0) network card and wireless
extension 19. Everything works fine so far, switching between networks works
pretty good. But on my day-to-day usage of nm I've come across two minor
issues I thought I should let you developer guys know of:

1) My laptop (like many other laptops i think) has a bright and, when not
connected, flashing LED for the ipw2200 which I turn off when I'm on the
wired network. When turning the ipw2200 on and unplugging the wired network
card, NM does not immediately connect to the wireless network. I takes up to
two minutes until I'm able to "see" the wireless networks around me in the
kde applet. And then, NM connects automatically to my preferred network.
During that time there seems to be no way to update the list, not even
manually. "iwlist eth1 scan" on a command shows all available networks

I am not certain about knetworkmanager but nm-applet (The gnome
applet) initiates a scan everytime you show the wireless networks.   I
think Timo monitors this list so maybe he can  answer if
knetworkmanager does the same.   However all the scanning is done from
the core NetworkManager code which calls wpa_supplicant.   I vaguely
remember some people having issues with scanning and changing NM to
use AP_Scan=1 helped them.   To test this you are going to have to
make the change to NM and compile it by hand.

2) There should be some checking of the mac address of the AP networkmanager
wants to connect to. I use my laptop on two different locations and it
happens to be that the 2nd site has a (WEP key secured) wireless network
floating around which ESSID is equal to that of the first site's WLAN but is
in this case NOT the AP I want to connect to. NM always tries to connect to
this one although the mac addresses are totally different. It refuses to
choose my preferred network on the second site automatically. I can select
the right one from the kde applet, though, and everything works flawlessly.

It does check that, if I look in gconf I see that Network Manager has
stored the BSSID for all my networks.   I haven't used knetworkmanager
but I assume it does the same.  Can you check in the kde wallet (I
think that is where it stores network info) and see if a BSSID is
listed there?

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