Re: Latest CVS - nm_supplicant_manager_release_iface failed

Take a look at Dan's post here and see if that helps,

So I think you will need a patched version of WPA_Supplicant at least.

On 12/20/06, Mike Bydalek <mbydalek contentconnections com> wrote:

I've been running NM from CVS on 10-19 and wanted to update to the
latest source.  When I built my packages and installed, the applet
wasn't recognizing my wireless (ipw2200).  In running NetworkManager
--no-daemon, I received just the following, and no more:

# NetworkManager --no-daemon
NetworkManager: <info>  starting...
NetworkManager: nm_supplicant_manager_release_iface: assertion `iface !=
NULL' failed

(NetworkManager:5414): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **:
g_signal_handler_disconnect: assertion `handler_id > 0' failed

(NetworkManager:5414): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **:
g_signal_handler_disconnect: assertion `handler_id > 0' failed
NetworkManager: <info>  Updating allowed wireless network lists.
NetworkManager: <info>  Going to sleep.
NetworkManager: <info>  Waking up from sleep.

The sleep references were just me trying to make sure it wasn't doing
anything and also to see if it would pick up the wireless by disabling
networking and then re-enabling it.

I'm running on Ubuntu Edgy 6.10.  In case it helps, I have wpasupplicant
0.5.4-5 and dbus 0.93-0ubuntu3 installed.  I have a feeling something
I'm running is out of date, but I'm not sure what.  Also, I'm well aware
this could be a bug and I'll have to wait for it to be fixed, but I
didn't find anything online.

Any ideas?


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