Dialup connect/disconnect events


I'm using NetworkManager 0.6.4-6 from Debian sid. Because I don't RTFM
often enough, I only discovered NM's support for Debian's existing PPP
and /etc/network/interfaces infrastructure for dial-up today. It seems
to work nicely for what I need, which is WWAN access via Bluetooth
and/or USB to a cell phone handset, but there is one minor issue. It
doesn't look like NetworkManager emits DBus signals (or are they called
events?) when a dial-up connection goes up or down. nm-tool will report
the correct state when connected via PPP, but Gaim does not sign on and
off automatically as the network state changes, as it does with regular
Ethernet and 802.11 connections. Is this state of affairs intentional,
and if not, is rectifying it planned, and finally how hard would it be
to Do It Myself(tm)?


Please CC replies. Thanks.

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